Pigeon Key Foundation & Marine Science Center
Dedicated  to  preserving  the  cultural  history
of  the Florida Keys  by promoting  its  healthy
future through education, history and research.

will be at the Pigeon Key Art Festival! Click the images to the left and above for more info. 
To volunteer, please contact Riet Steinmetz.
The Pigeon Key Foundation is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization striving to make the historic island of Pigeon Key available to our community through programs and activities that are beneficial to all that we serve.

We aim to utilize the facilities here at Pigeon Key as an open campus for delivering education to the public about the historical, environmental, and cultural significance of the Florida Keys. 

We  invite  you to tour our  website  to find out more  about  our   world-renowned  education programs for students of all ages, learn about our  daily  guided  historical  tours  of   Pigeon Key,  the  original  Henry  Flagler  work  camp for    the   Overseas  Railway.    Browse  our photo  page  and contact us to inquire about  facility  rentalsweddings, and photography opportunities.

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